It is the responsibility of the parent/athlete to be sure that registration is obtained.  Membership is required for the following organizations: USATF and AAU.  Each athlete must be registered if they are to participate in any track meets,  Membership is good for both indoor and outdoor seasons.  You must utilize the following websites in order to register your child(ren).  Please bring a copy of the membership with you once you have completed the registration process.
USATF:    Cost is $19.95
AAU:    Cost is $14.00

If you have difficulty in accessing either of these websites, please let on of the coaches know.

When filling out registrations remember to put the team name down as Plainfield Tsunami Track Club and the following club numbers:

USATF: Team number is 0288, effective from 01/01/13 through 12/31/13. (To be updated)
AAU: Team membership number is WYW63W (Updated 22-Aug-2017)

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