Salema Robinson Has a Field Day in Shot Put

by admin on March 31, 2019

Plainfield Tsunami is a track and field club.  Salema Robinson is a Tsunami athlete who participates in the shot put field event.  She displays outstanding abilities in the sport, as exemplified by her two meet performances during the 2019 indoor season, ending with a best put of 24-01.50 meters that earned second place at a local meet. This is a distance that would have garnered a podium appearance of sixth place for girls 11-12 years at the USATF Hersey National Youth Indoor Championships, had she participated.

Some athletes are talented, and others are hard workers.  You have something special when an athlete possesses both attributes.  Competing as a 12-year old, Salema distinguishes herself as being disciplined, attentive, hard working and physically strong.  Coach Michelle shares, “Salema takes instruction well and is willing to go the extra mile to build her strength.”

Salema demonstrates great strength and fitness during the conditioning portion of her workouts, when she does weight bearing upper body, lower body and core exercises.  Strength is an important element for shot putting, where the athlete “puts” (pushes rather than throws) a “shot” (spherical ball) from the shoulder for distance.  Salema embraces every opportunity to undertake shot put training.  For now, she is learning the more common shot put technique, the glide.  The other technique, the spin, involves a more complex method.  The challenge is to put the weighted ball from the confines of a circle that measures seven feet in diameter. The shot that’s used for Salema’s age group weighs 2.72 kilograms, or six pounds.  The weight increases to four kilograms for females from high school through age 49, requiring more strength to put the same distance.  Salema enthusiastically works on improving her fitness by also running with the sprint group.

Salema is in an age group of talented shot putters nationally.  The winning put for 12-year old girls was an extraordinary 34-09 meters at the 2019 AAU Indoor National Championships, but short of the age-group record of 35-11 meters.   This gives Salema some perspective on what’s achievable with the requisite training and regular participation in competition.  There is precedence, as an athlete from the Plainfield Tsunami Track and Field Club became an age-group national record holder in the shot put as recent as 2014.

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