Mrs. Carla

Carla Adams, the woman behind the curtain, or should I say the woman behind the website. A former Tsunami parent, and prior runner as well. She has honestly confessed, without a shadow of a doubt, her daughter Aniyah Charles, former Tsunami athlete, is a far better athlete than she ever was. The comparison of her medal count versus Aniyah’s, quickly put an end to that debate.  Carla insists on taking some credit, and has claimed the torch for laying the foundation for Aniyah and will hold steady to the notion that “she got it from her Momma”.  

While Carla’s background and current employment have nothing to do with web design, professionally, she is a Manager of Data Management and Analytics and her natural ability for observing fine detail, finding a solution and putting it all together for the big picture, paved the way for her to develop an interest in web design. She maintains she is no expert by any means and has had no formal training but research and time has allowed her to develop the technical know-how needed to build a website. For Carla, sitting in front of a computer for hours upon hours at a time is enjoyable and finding a solution has no time limit.  Her philosophy is, the answer is always there, the solution is simply a matter of how much time you are willing to invest to find it.

Carla’s thought process in designing this website was that we are in an ever growing technological age.  She believes, it is now the norm for people to resort to the world wide web as their primary source of information. According to Carla, Google is no longer just a noun as we know it, it is a verb and nowadays when people want to research something, they simply ‘Google it”. The Tsunami website has been designed as a premier platform to celebrate our athletes, provide a viable resource to parents and to allow the world to have a glimpse inside of the life of Plainfield Tsunami.

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