Outdoor 2020

Registration is open

Updated 08Mar2020

ALL athletes, whether returning or new, must register!

Practice start date – Monday, March 23, 2020

What Do I Need to Register My Scholar Athlete? 

There are three (3) things required at time of registration.  They are as follows:

Note:  Please use Google Chrome or Firefox to fill out the registration form.  While Internet Explorer does work with the form, if the version of IE is not updated, there may be issues.

  1. A Completed registration form. Registration Form (click link and complete form) This link is now active.
  2. Payment in form of cash, Check or Money Order (Please bring to practice – onsite payment option coming soon)
  3. A copy of the athlete’s birth certificate (to be uploaded via the Registration Form)

Note: In addition, a wallet size photo, while not mandatory would be helpful.

Registration and Fees:

For 2019-2020, Tsunami Track year, there will be a process for registrations for the indoor and outdoor seasons.  They are as follows:

Indoor Season: A single payment of $100.00 for the first athlete ($55.00 for additional athletes).  Then ALL will pay for entries for individual meets.

Outdoor Season: A single payment of $100.00 for team registration (those who paid indoor registration will be charged a $25.00 processing fee only).  Then ALL will pay for individual meets.

Note: There will be a parent liaison responsible for collecting meet fees at least a week in advance, so that the proper entries may be posted in a timely manner.

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