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Good Day Tsunami Parents,

The indoor track season is off to a great start. The athletes are motivated and enthusiastic. Thank you all for entrusting your children with the coaches. 

We have a tremendous line up of coaches, some having decades of experience training age group and high school athletes, with one having experience in training of professional athletes. We are also fortunate to have three recent college graduates (all former Tsunami athletes) who bring their track skills, vitality and enthusiasm as assistants. 

At this early part of the season, the athletes are doing foundational work, with an emphasis on building their aerobic capacity; learning proper form, technique and habits; as well as total body conditioning. They are being properly prepared to undertake speed work in a way that minimizes risk of injuries.  As a relatively small group, the athletes are able to receive individualized attention to prepare them for the competitive season, starting late December or early January. 

To facilitate their training, we ask that the athletes do the following for daily practices:
Bring water, preferably in a reusable bottle with their name on it;
Wear a good pair of running shoes that has cushion and is flexible;
Bring a personal size exercise mat, as the floor is hard;
If wearing baggy shorts, wear spandex under as they’ll be doing a variety of floor exercises;
Have dinner or satisfying snack a couple of hours before practice to be sufficiently fueled; and communicate any pain or discomfort to the coaches. 

Coach Tony

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