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by admin on April 3, 2019

Most runners would tell you that there’s something really special about winning relay medals. The Plainfield Tsunami 11-12 year old girls enjoyed that experience this indoor season, running the 4×200 relay. They worked as a team to capture fifth place at the Ocean Breeze Pre-National Invitational on February 17th and had each other to share the joyful achievement.

It was the one time this season that each girl, lead leg Kennise Angus, second leg Lasha Blair, third leg Abriyah Thompson, and anchor E’Mony Jones, ran a relay. There was trepidation about the possibility of getting disqualified for false starting or dropping the baton. No one wanted to disappoint her teammates. So wIth earnestness, the athletes practiced passing the baton, learning both sight and blind passes. Satisfied with their preparedness, they embarked on the race with excitement, all four wearing the identical uniform, as required.

Kennise dropped into the down position on the official’s command, “on your mark,” then kept completely still upon hearing the next command, “set”. When the gun went off, she exploded from the down start with the baton in her hand. She was required to run the full lap in her lane and pass the baton to her teammate in that lane. After the race, Kennise confided, “At first I was anxious about being the lead leg because my teammates were depending on me to get a good start. It ended up being fun!”

Lasha executed a running start in the exchange zone before grabbing the baton from Kennise. She was careful to complete the pass in the 20 meters allotted, so as not to get the team disqualified. During the second lap, the runners were allowed to cut into lane one from the 50-meter mark. Seeing her teammate beckoning her at the end of the 200 meters, Lasha sprinted into the exchange zone and successfully passed the baton to the third leg. “I always had a strong desire to run a relay and it was exactly what I had expected,” said Lasha.

Waiting in the exchange zone, Abriyah jumped around to increase her heart rate. She wiped her palms in her singlet a few times before grabbing the baton from Lasha, ensuring the baton wouldn’t slip out of her hand. She hugged the turns on the banked track and accelerated on the straight away to successfully make the final baton pass.

E’Mony embraced the task of anchoring, never feeling nervous. In fact, E’Mony stated, “I was anxious to get started.” She clutched the baton and instinctively exploded. As a 200, it was an all out sprint. She pumped her arms and raised her knees. E’Mony fed off the excitement of the crowd and sprinted for the finish line, much to the delight of her teammates who were waiting to hug her.

Joyfully, Head Coach Tony Smith stated, “It was great watching the girls come to practice with the excitement of running as a relay team and putting in the extra time at the end of practice to work on stick passes and handling the exchange zone. All of their hard work paid off; and, it’s just the beginning of great things to come. Congratulations ladies.

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