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by admin on April 2, 2019

The Plainfield Tsunami Track and Field Club serves young people between the ages of 6 and 18. We take each athlete at his or her level and inspire, develop and uplift them, then give them their wings. Currently, we have two nine-year olds, Aden John and Toke Ogunwdere, who demonstrate tremendous potential for the short time they have been involved in track.

Aden joined the club during the 2018 outdoor season and became committed in the 2019 indoor season. Immediately, he demonstrated the aptitude to run long distances. He attended his first track meet on February 2, 2019, where he ran the 800 meter event. Aden then obtained the racing bug. His focus at practice shifted, with increased competitiveness. He exhibited a command of the age-appropriate fartlets and tempo runs, sometimes leading his training group. He excelled at pace training and enjoyed opportunities to practice fast feet with banana hurdle drills. Three weeks later he participated in his second and final track meet for the season, where he ran the 800 again. It wasn’t surprising that he dropped over 18 seconds to capture the sixth place ribbon with a time of 3:06 minutes. Aden represents the inspiration and development to which Tsunami coaches are committed. “It’s gratifying to see Aden’s face at a Monday evening practice after a weekend race; he exudes empowerment,” says Coach Tony.

Toke joined the team in February, eager to have her first track experience. It was instantly clear that Toke possesses a wide range of ability. For the one meet that she participated in, she clenched a sixth place ribbon with her 55 meter time of 9.33 seconds, and ran the 200 in a time of 35.05 seconds to claim tenth place. While Toke was assigned the sprint events to race in her inaugural meet, there is no doubt that she has the potential to excel in longer distances, given her overall athletic abilities and the effort she demonstrates. Coach Ashley declares, “Even at her young age, Toke definitely knows how to compete with heart and leave everything on the track.”

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